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Jets/49ers Trade
Wed 9 Nov - 19:37 by giuceppefranco
Jets Get:

82 ovr 25yo FS Eric Reid

49ers Get:

88 ovr 29yo WR Eric Decker
Jets 2nd Round Draft Pick

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Jets/Texans Trade
Thu 6 Oct - 18:03 by giuceppefranco
Jets Get:

86 Ovr ROLB Jadaveon Clowney
Texans 2nd Round Draft Pick
Rights to 71 Ovr WR Braxton Miller in 2017 Season

Texans Get:

94 Ovr DT Muhammed Wilkerson

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Texans / 49ers
Mon 24 Oct - 17:01 by RyanPelley
Texans trade: 1st round pick

49ers trade: FS Eric Reid - 83 overall - 25 years old

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Sat 22 Oct - 12:43 by JameZ
DT Malik Jackson 26 88 ovr
RB Denard Robinson 26 72 ovr


First rounder
RB Dunbar 27 70 ove

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Sat 22 Oct - 12:45 by JameZ
Allen Robinson WR 24
First Rounder


LB Baar 26
WR Diggs 22
Second rounder

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Sat 22 Oct - 12:42 by JameZ
CB Prince 27
LB Telvin Smith 26
Second round pick


Patrick Peterson

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Mon 17 Oct - 23:19 by BobDaBuilder24
Rams get:
1st round pick (ravens)
Mike Wallace WR 80 ovr 30 yrs old

Ravens get:
Tavon Austin WR 85 ovr 25yrs old

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Rams Falcons
Mon 17 Oct - 21:57 by Pate
Rams get 3rd round pick and Tom Compton age 27 78 LT

Falcons get DT 81 overall 25 years old
Cb cody sendabaugh 27 72 overall
David Atkin 28 years old 70 overall

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Cowboys flacons
Mon 17 Oct - 21:56 by Pate
Cowboys get 63 rb lamike James
Falcons get 71 wr Brice Butler

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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   Thu 14 Feb - 4:49

Game settings

Difficulty: All-Madden
Game Speed: Normal
Quarter Length: 7 min
Accelerated clock: On 25 sec. runoff
Injuries: ON
Fatigue: ON

Advance Schedule:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at approximately 9:30pm eastern time.

Game Play (Offense)

You must have at least 8 rushes per game on offense, no matter how much of a defecit you might need to overcome.

4th DOWN RULE: These are the only situations in a game when you can go for it on 4th down:

4th and 1 or less once you pass your own 40 yd line, (and) 4th and 2 or less after midfield

You cannot go for it on 4th down twice on the same drive if you are tied or in the lead during the first 3 quarters.

4th quarter any team can go for it:

If you are down by 14 or more points at any point in the game
If you are inside your opponents 20 yard line (REDZONE).

2PT CONVERSION: You can go for 2pts only when you need them in a REAL situation and you can go for it to win a game at the end. Do what a real NFL team would do! The 2pt conversion must put you ahead or within 3pts, 7pts of your opponents score.

QB DROP BACKS: Do not purposely drop back with your QB more than 10 yards after the snap.

"GIMMICK" PLAYS: Gimmick plays and trick plays should NEVER be abused. These sorts of plays should not be your main source of offense. This includes plays such as:
HB Direct Snap

1 FAKE on special teams is allowed all game. Includes: FG, punt, and onside/surprise kick (must be losing to perform an onside/surprise kick).

SPORTSMANSHIP: If you are winning big in the 4th, run the clock out within the rules, don't try and embarrass your opponent by calling timeouts and trying to run up the score. RESPECT YOUR OPPONENT! However if you intercept a pass b/c your opponent is being stupid, by all means... take it to the house! If your opponent is out of time outs or is not using time outs and time is short enough for you to run the clock out... KNEEL THE DAMN BALL! ADMINS WILL BE WATCHING THIS CLOSELY  AND PUNISHMENT WILL BE ENFORCED, INCLUDING POSSIBLE REMOVAL FROM LEAGUE.  

PUNTS: You CANNOT drop a player back into punt coverage BEFORE the snap.

Game Play (Defense)

No manually moving players all over the field to take advantage of the A.I. You are only allowed to move the player you are using on defense in a realistic manner (this means a few feet here and there, NOT moving the player TOWARDS the LINE of SCRIMMAGE into the GAPS, UNLESS YOU are the one who is going to blitz and take control of the player YOURSELF!). You can use all of the defensive audibles (linespreads, bump/run, LB spreads, etc). You CANNOT take your outside LBs, CBs, DEs and loop around to the opposite side of the OT, even if you are controlling the player. If you use a D-lineman and you want to go out in a zone or to cover, you must stay on the line until the ball is hiked and then you may drop back.

PLAY WITHIN THE SPIRIT OF THE GAME. Running the same play time and time again, while stoppable for most good coaches, IS NOT SIM play. You MUST open up your playbook. No one is saying you can't do your "money play"... just mix it up with the other 300 plays in your book. DO NOT abuse plays that take advantage of an AI flaw in the game

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League Rules
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