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Jets/49ers Trade
Wed 9 Nov - 19:37 by giuceppefranco
Jets Get:

82 ovr 25yo FS Eric Reid

49ers Get:

88 ovr 29yo WR Eric Decker
Jets 2nd Round Draft Pick

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Jets/Texans Trade
Thu 6 Oct - 18:03 by giuceppefranco
Jets Get:

86 Ovr ROLB Jadaveon Clowney
Texans 2nd Round Draft Pick
Rights to 71 Ovr WR Braxton Miller in 2017 Season

Texans Get:

94 Ovr DT Muhammed Wilkerson

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Texans / 49ers
Mon 24 Oct - 17:01 by RyanPelley
Texans trade: 1st round pick

49ers trade: FS Eric Reid - 83 overall - 25 years old

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Sat 22 Oct - 12:43 by JameZ
DT Malik Jackson 26 88 ovr
RB Denard Robinson 26 72 ovr


First rounder
RB Dunbar 27 70 ove

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Sat 22 Oct - 12:45 by JameZ
Allen Robinson WR 24
First Rounder


LB Baar 26
WR Diggs 22
Second rounder

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Sat 22 Oct - 12:42 by JameZ
CB Prince 27
LB Telvin Smith 26
Second round pick


Patrick Peterson

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Mon 17 Oct - 23:19 by BobDaBuilder24
Rams get:
1st round pick (ravens)
Mike Wallace WR 80 ovr 30 yrs old

Ravens get:
Tavon Austin WR 85 ovr 25yrs old

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Rams Falcons
Mon 17 Oct - 21:57 by Pate
Rams get 3rd round pick and Tom Compton age 27 78 LT

Falcons get DT 81 overall 25 years old
Cb cody sendabaugh 27 72 overall
David Atkin 28 years old 70 overall

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Cowboys flacons
Mon 17 Oct - 21:56 by Pate
Cowboys get 63 rb lamike James
Falcons get 71 wr Brice Butler

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 FML Football -- About The League

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PostSubject: FML Football -- About The League   Thu 15 Sep - 17:32


Welcome to a spinoff of one of the longest-running Madden leagues in existence, PMS Madden. We have operated since 2009 with the same core group of members. It has become a yearly tradition for us to come together for each new Madden and run leagues together. This league is one of a kind because of its longevity and the community of amazing members. Every year brings something new here. Times change and unfortunately a few members go, which allows us to go out in search of new people who share our excitement for Madden.

Our Mission:
We strive to be the most immersive, dedicated and passionate league around. While some find this league challenging, the extremely talented members here push everyone to become better players.  

Our Values:
We value those who are as dedicated and passionate to the game as we are. Being highly involved in the league is extremely important as it shows how much you want to see it succeed. We reward that drive by keeping those types of people involved for the long term. We're always looking for new members who share our values, but few people do -- and that's what makes this league so special.
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FML Football -- About The League
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